Jack Garing – DJ Since 2019

Trying to learn and improve everyday from all the amazing DJs out there.

DJ and Producer

First beatsWhen It Started

"What the heck is going on here?"

DJ JAK was in the basement of his soccer coach’s house.  Who would have known when the coach puts away the whistle at home he turns his basement into a club.  Amazing lights and sound system pumping through the basement.  That is when DJ JAK went home and started looking at controllers.

After thatThe Shutdown

"Timing Is Everything"

After picking up a controller and basement speakers, the world found itself in a different place.  Quarantine shutdowns left the DJ at home experimenting with streaming tools and the internet.  Quickly he found himself learning streaming techniques and started up a weekly SATURDAY NIGHT REVOLUTION broadcast to his family and friends on Twitch.


"Let's get back to the music"

Doing virtual parties through COVID shutdowns has been quite a learning experience for DJ JAK.  Restrictions are lifted and the outdoor parties are picking up.  Upgraded equipment has the DJ ready to bring his beats to your next party.


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